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Xaviers University (XIM)

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History was created in October 1987 when the Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar (XIMB), the premier management school of XIM University, opened its doors. The best business school in the country has been rated as XIMB for the previous 34 years. It aims to lead management education in the country by putting an emphasis on research and innovation. The top five lists for intellectual capital regularly include our country. On July 7, 2014, the XIM University's New Campus officially opened with the intention of doing difficult but necessary tasks. Currently, eleven institutions there provide undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programmes.
The XIM University is steadfast in its commitment to motivating the next generation of students who aspire to receive top-notch higher education. We serve a broad range of courses in business management, human resource management, rural management, sustainability management, communications, computer science & engineering, economics, commerce, humanities & compassion studies, and human settlements. By introducing new programmes to develop imaginative, capable, devoted, compassionate, and value-based leaders, the university hopes to realise its objective. The knowledge, skills, and long-term perspective it gives the students fosters creativity, growth, and contribution to society. The institution motivates students to generate learning opportunities outside of the classroom through a number of Student Forums.The academic programmes are built on a "learning by doing" paradigm that promotes close engagement with every element of the university environment, which acts as a springboard for developing leadership theories and resilient business practises. In addition to academic pursuits, co-curricular activities, sports, cultural activities, and community involvement play significant roles in students' lives.
The University seeks to create a just and ethical society while living true to its vision of religion and spiritual inspiration In order to achieve world peace and sustainable development, it promotes compassion, ethics, and environmental conservation. It also defends the rights of the oppressed and displaced people. Others have been motivated to strive for perfection and follow in our footsteps by the excellence we have displayed throughout the years.Our motto, Semper Excelsius - Ever Higher, is in line with this.
The School of Rural Management is a distinctive rural intervention programme that is dedicated to its purpose of generating social value and addressing the evolving demands of rural enterprises, the government, and development organisations. The School of Human Resource Management is a prestigious programme that develops HR executives who are people-oriented and capable of creating long-lasting businesses and a just society. The Schools of Business Management, Rural Management, and Human Resource Management laid a firm foundation, and with that foundation came the confidence and strength to undergo a new transformation that led to the creation of closely related courses with a common objective.
The university offers two special programmes of study: Urban Management and Sustainability Management, which are both among the very few programmes of their kind in the entire globe. The School of Sustainability Management and the School of Human Settlements both serve as examples of the dedication to supporting the community and the global community via ongoing innovation. The University's institution of Communications is the State of Odisha's first modern, top-notch media institution. The educational initiatives to provide comprehensive and integral career-oriented undergraduate as well as postgraduate programmes, fostered in a spirit of academic excellence, include the Schools of Commerce, Law, Economics, Along with other career-focused courses, it includes courses in government and public affairs, computer science, and engineering.
XAVIER University will now be known as XIM University
The founding of Xavier University took place on July 6, 2013. The Odisha Legislative Assembly enacted the Xavier University, Odisha (Amendment) Act 2021 on April 3, 2021, renaming Xavier University as XIM University. As a result, on May 11, 2021, the Gazette Notification was published. According to its requirements, the University has two campuses: its main campus is located in Nijigada Kurki, Harirajpur, in the Puri District, while another campus, home to the Xavier Institute of Management, is located in Xavier Square in Bhubaneswar.
The management and Board of Governors of Xavier University, Bhubaneswar, feel that the name 'Xavier University,' Odisha Act, 2013, should be replaced with 'XIM' University, Odisha Act as a result of time and based on the experience gained over the last seven years. To keep the 'XIM' brand name, which has been well-known in the country and overseas for 34 years since its launch, the institution had to change its name founding in 1987. Students who acquire a diploma branded with the "XIM" logo will have improved employment opportunities both domestically and overseas. The growth sectors, businesses, enterprises, and change leaders all recognise this brand. Through its broad network and connections, XIM has benefited the state of Odisha and the nation while bringing distinction, honour, and prestige to the state.
XIM University currently sees itself as a prestigious institution that offers top-notch students from all around the world a top-notch education. The 34-year-old XIM (Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar), the foremost, top-tier B-School in the nation, leaves behind the heritage of the XIM University. The ethos of "men and women for and with others" sums up who XIM University is. We all want to be men and women for and with others, but our faculty, staff, and students reflect a variety of religions and identities. What else sets a Jesuit XIM university apart? Experience, curiosity, global exposure, and "cura personalise," which translates to "care for the whole person," are all values that are instilled in our pupils. As a change agent, there is a great desire to be the first to address societal issues and promote sustainable societies that inspire the futures of the state and nation. This ideology emphasises moral character development, adaptability, world affirmation, and a righteous faith.
XIM University has grown from its humble beginnings in management education in 1987 to include 12 schools that provide doctorate, master's, and undergraduate programmes. We at XIM University are dedicated to working tirelessly to make sure that Odisha provides the globe with a top-notch, comprehensive development education.


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