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Woodlands College of Nursing

  • Plot No.14, Diamond Harbour Road, Post Bisnupur, District 24 Parganas South, Bhasa, West Bengal 743503

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Woodlands Hospital established the Woodlands College of Nursing in 1995 to ensure proper and systematic training.

The Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi, and the West Bengal Nursing Council recognise the College of Nursing, which is affiliated with the West Bengal University of Health Sciences.

The current scenario at the community, regional and international levels is one of strong competition with equal opportunity for all. The world has expanded faster in the last decade than it ever has before. Education, which has always played an important role in man's life, has grown in importance in recent years because it is not only what you have but also how much you know that determines your success today.

The college is committed to developing tomorrow's experts and practitioners, as well as citizens of an emerging global world. A green campus with excellent facilities provides an appropriate setting for higher education.

A team of dedicated and experienced teaching faculty prepares students intensively to maintain professional standards. Students receive hands-on clinical training at well-known hospitals in Kolkata, as well as the opportunity to work in our own facility (Woodlands Multispeciality Hospital). The Woodlands nurse is not just merely a caregiver; she is  skillful, confident, and extremely helpful person who really can skillfully handle the community. 

Based on the performance of our students, we gladly welcome them to experience the spirit of "Woodlands".

Our Mission 

The institution seeks to prepare nurses who are highly spirited and skilful on the personal as well as professional fronts and make a contribution to the healthcare system by enhancing their knowledge.


The institution seeks a stage in the learning process with a commitment to raising professionals who are known for their professionalism and compassionate nursing care. The teaching and learning activities are designed to meet the diverse needs of the student population as well as society. 


We believe in providing nursing education that is based on excellence in the generation and transmission of nursing knowledge through a teaching process that promotes critical thinking and a spirit of enquiry in patient care.


Our Team

The college is led by qualified and experienced full-time nursing faculty, as well as part-time guest lecturers, who provide the right mix of theoretical, practical, and clinical experience. The faculty seeks excellence and aims to prepare students to be the best nurses capable of serving competently anywhere in the world.


The nursing laboratories focus on providing facilities for B.Sc. students to learn and practise basic skills and more advanced nursing strategies on simulated mannequins. This will improve their practical skills and confidence, allowing them to provide effective care.


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