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Santiniketan Sebaniketan Nursing Institute

  • Tatarpur, Muluk, Bolpur, West Bengal 731204

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About Us

The Santiniketan Sebaniketan Nursing Institute was founded and is guided by the values of honesty and transparency in the fields of healthcare and education. We make sure that every one of our students goes through lengthy and demanding training in order to ensure that their performance lives up to the name of our institution. We teach our students to be the pioneers of the healthcare business..

Every facility that supports an academic environment is taken care of on the institution's vast campus in Bolpur. The board provides excellent direction as the students study several courses under one roof while being supervised by a qualified teaching team.

Many medical training institutions linked to healthcare services have been developed recently all over the Indian Continent. However, only a small number of them can claim that they are the greatest because they offer extensive knowledge in this area of education. Since our trainers have a wide range of expertise and are committed to upholding good ethical standards in the medical field, we, the "Santiniketan Sebaniketan Nursing Training Institute," consider ourselves to be the greatest in our field. In addition to the aforementioned, specialists from reputable corporate healthcare services are available to provide students with in-depth knowledge and appropriate practical aspects.The guidance a student gets is completely original and is supported by real-world scenarios. After enrolling, one quickly learns how to perform a variety of medical tests expertly and accurately.


Fundamental Message

The nursing programme was created to assist students in learning, using, and applying the finest medical practises for the benefit of patients.

The most effective use of our course will ensure that students are committed to serving the sick, poor, and even disadvantaged in the future with responsibility, increased abilities, competency, and moral sensitivity for the improvement of their health.



To establish a style of teaching for postgraduate and undergraduate nursing education.

Improved demonstrations should be used to promote high-quality practical knowledge in all nursing specialties.

Ensure that students are self-sufficient in their graduate, postgraduate, and GNM medical education.

Keep in touch with our nursing programme and send in your application to study here. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

Expert educators

A strong group of qualified faculty members who hold degrees from top nursing universities in India completes the college.


All varieties of literature are accessible for students to use as references in accordance with the academic curriculum set forth by the affiliated authorities.

The computer lab

The institution has a fully functional computer lab with internet access for the students.

The Institute has a number of laboratories, all of which are spacious and furnished with advanced technologies.


Students are given hospital responsibilities during the training phase so they can gain clinical experience in various hospitals.


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