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Peerless Institute of Nursing

  • 360, Pancha Sayar Rd, Sahid Smirity Colony, Pancha Sayar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700094

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The Peerless College of Nursing was established in 2006 by Peerless Hospital and the B.K. Roy Research Center with the aim of ensuring appropriate and systematic training.

The West Bengal University of Health Sciences is connected with the College of Nursing, which is accredited by the Indian Nursing Council in New Delhi and the West Bengal Nursing Council.

The objectives of the College of Nursing are to prepare graduate nurses in accordance with the guidelines of the Indian Nursing Council so that they will:

-take on duties in accordance with the code of ethics and professional conduct as competent nurses,

- offer nursing care to people on an individual, family, and community levels.

In the field of clinical or public health, graduates are also anticipated to take up supervisory or teaching roles.

Class Rooms

The greatest learning atmosphere is provided by air-conditioned classrooms outfitted with all the latest teaching tools.


The library offers a comfortable setting for students and is filled with the most recent editions of books and journals from both domestic and international sources. Data processing and Internet browsing.

Laboratory Facilities

Students can take advantage of the well-equipped laboratories for Fundamentals of Nursing, Anatomy, Nutrition, Maternal Nursing, Child Health Nursing, and Community Health Nursing as well as have access to computers and audio visual aids to strengthen their technical abilities.

Clinical Experience

At Peerless Hospital and other well-known government hospitals in Kolkata, students can obtain a range of clinical experience.
The instructors in the clinical sections continually direct and watch over the students.


The hostel, which is located on the hospital grounds, serves as the students' home away from home and offers first-rate boarding, accommodation, and recreational amenities.


The college employs professors with advanced degrees who have extensive teaching and clinical backgrounds.

The students take part in a variety of intercollegiate events and community service initiatives. Additionally, they participate in numerous health-related conferences, workshops, and programmes.


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