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Novena School of Nursing

  • Himachal Vihar Phase - III, Matigara, Siliguri 734010 (W.B.)

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Nursing practice in 21st Century faces a number of challenges including a growing population of hospitalization patients who are older and more acutely ill, increasing health care costs and the need to stay current with rapid advances in medical knowledge and technology. These challenges are complicated by an existing shortage of nurses, an aging nurse work force, a shortage of nursing faculty members and prospects of a worsening nurse shortage. In addition, a new models of overall healthcare delivery are being developed that will impact the workforce and care delivery. To address these challenges, employers will seek nurses who have knowledge, skills and attitudes that are aligned with the requirements of their practice environment, can work effectively in inter professional teams across of variety of health care settings and can provide traditional nursing services as well as other needed services such as case and practice leadership, case management, health promotion and disease prevention.

As a critical component of the healthcare workforce, the nursing profession must keep pace with changes in the healthcare environment to ensure the continued delivery of high quality, safe and effective patients care.

Therefore, under the aegis (Management) of Dr. Chhang’s Super Specialty Hospital, Siliguri, TheNovena School of Nursing has been established in 2019 to provide good educational facilities and a wide scope for clinical experience to the students. This nursing school has filled the gap between supply and demand of efficient and effective nursing workforce.



The desire to offer complete, optimum health care services is guided by a purposeful vision. The goal is to offer the best medical and surgical knowledge and skills, diagnostic facilities, and amenities at prices that are accessible to the general public in general.

The dream has started to materialize since Dr. Chhang's Super Specialty Hospital (CSSHfoundation )'s stone was laid more than a decade ago, but it still has a long way to go before it is completely functioning. With a lot of work and God's blessing, the CSSH, our hospital, has been built out of concrete and steel. With the opening of associated, on-site, under-one-roof investigative/diagnostic facilities as well as facilities for surgical and radiological intervention, a hospital was established, ushering in a new era in the area of healthcare. Additionally, there is an on-site pharmacy, dining options, and lodging for the patient's family members.

We do have quite sophisticated medical and surgical facilities in our country, but the majority are out of reach for the average person's budget. The government-run healthcare facilities do offer free or inexpensive treatments, but sadly, there aren't many of these greater surgical, medical, diagnostic, and pathological services available.

In 2005, the idea of building a hospital with the best and most advanced medical and surgical equipment at a price that the general public might afford.


The Novena School of Nursing's mission is to educate, train, and mentor students while also helping them develop into highly competent professionals who are passionate and dedicated to their work.


The vision of Novena Nursing School is to prepare students to become highly competent and compassionate healthcare professionals who, after finishing the program, positively impact the experience of care. This is accomplished through teaching students to love, care, and share.


  • a. Provide students with a comprehensive educational programme that will prepare them to provide high-level nursing care.

    b. To provide the nurses with the skills necessary to deliver high-quality nursing care both in the hospital and in the community.

    c.Train nurses in the administration of nursing services and educational programs.

    d. To give members of the healthcare team access to a network of resources for clinical experience, cooperation, research and evidence-based practice, peer review, and consultation.

    e. To promote a positive attitude toward the field so that people understand that nursing is about nurturing, caring for, and considering others.


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