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Mrinalini devi college of nursing

  • Nimtala BusStop, Bolpur Palitpur Road, Bahari, West Bengal 731240

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About Us

India has a long history of being a nursing hotspot, and it is frequently considered to be a source of nurses for first world countries. If we look into the history of the Indians, we find that nurses were actually young males. To assist with childbirth, women acted as midwives. And for a very long time, many factors prevented India from accepting nursing as a career. At that point in time, India was trapped between the fences of political upheaval and social uncertainty. But time went by. The demand for nurses in India is expected to increase for a variety of reasons, including the growth of nursing as a profession. There are far more job alternatives now than there were previously, when there were only a few options for specialising.

There are too many nursing job options available, both domestically and internationally. It is a sign of the need for competent and qualified workers for the industry that additional nursing courses are sprouting up every day.
It takes a lot of perseverance and work.

Education requires sincere dedication and selflessness. Nursing students should function as a part of growth and become a vital resource for health. We desire that the students of Mrinalini Devi College of Nursing can get the proper atmosphere to learn, grow, and have the chance to build temperament for societal development. The foundation of nursing education is service. It has a three-fold design that takes into account innovation, necessity, and societal application. The Mrinalini Devi College of Nursing has made a strong start to this semester. It is planned, monitored, and managed in order to generate skilled nursing students with a service mentality.





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