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Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode

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The Institute

The Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode is located on two hillocks in the Kunnamangalam Area of Kerala's historic city of Calicut and spans an area of roughly 112.5 acres. With one of the most beautiful and oxygen-rich campuses in the nation, the IIMK has top-notch facilities like air-conditioned classrooms, visitor care areas, and LAN/WAN connectivity that allow every resident to have a positive experience. One of the most effective institutions in the nation, it is run by a committed regular administrative team of 67 people who understand how to maintain a positive balance sheet and satisfy all stakeholders.

The Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, which has origins dating back to 1997, began with a batch of 42 students, but it has expanded greatly over the years with a current batch strength of 356 or so students, making it the fastest growing management school in the nation.

The Interactive-Learning (I-L) Program for Working Executives in India was developed by IIMK. The Executive Management Education Programme, a two-year curriculum that began with 300 class contact hours in 2001–2002, is currently the most demanding programme offered in the nation and has roughly 738 class contact hours.

The institute relocated to a new location in January 2003, and as a result, the number of programmes multiplied. With the addition of the most recent executive hostel, which has 64 rooms, and the creation of a cutting-edge, 200-bed management development complex, the training activity is anticipated to continue growing. In the sphere of management education, the Institute is a pioneer in Faculty Development Programmes (FDP), offering the most programmes (18, totaling 20 weeks) and serving as a key QIP (Quality Improvement Programme) Centre for the All Indian Council of Technical Education.

The Institute launched its Fellow (Doctoral) Programme in Management in 2007 to provide the full range of educational services expected from a higher education institution. The Institute is now taking new steps to stimulate post-doctoral research activities in the management field, allocating over 30.000 square feet of library space for it and building boarding and lodging facilities with a 300-person capacity during the summer.

With 15 conferences held over the course of the last five years, the Institute has truly lived up to its motto of "Globalizing Indian Thought." The Institute takes satisfaction in hosting numerous national and international conferences. Additionally, the Institute has begun accepting consulting assignments, which brought in more than Rs. 10 million in revenue in 2007.

IIMK is a world leader and one of the few Centers for Development of Digital Libraries in the world. A noteworthy accomplishment is the creation of an Incubation Center for Excellence in conjunction with the Keralan government to assist students from Scheduled Castes and Tribes in overcoming their communicational, interpersonal, and other weaknesses. In addition, IIMK is one of the few management schools in the nation to consistently satisfy the entire quota of SC/ST applicants in its Postgraduate Program while maintaining a strong record of job placement. Academics is always a top priority thanks to the highly qualified and experienced faculty, as well as the many dedicated adjunct and visiting teachers from industry and other top management institutes, including overseas universities.

With several top management institutes in the EU and ASEAN, including SDA, Bacconi, Jonkoping, Sweden, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, ESCAP-EAP, France; University of Queensland, Austria; Victoria University of Wellington; and others, the Institute has a robust international exchange programme for faculty and students. IIMK places a strong emphasis on the planning of Seminar/Conferences and runs management programmes for teachers. IIMK is an active member of the Strategic Management Forum. Leading business schools including IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Indore, and Lucknow collaborate with MDI, Gurgaon, XLRI, Jamshedpur, and IIFT, New Delhi to offer a week-long faculty development programme on a variety of topics in the field of strategic management.


In order to foster the best management thinkers in the pursuit of creating innovative, socially conscious, and environmentally friendly practitioners, leaders, and educators, the institution strives to build a singular and futuristic area of global reckoning. Therefore, it upholds its tenet of "Globalizing Indian Thought."


The Institute aims to foster a culture of healthy learning by raising trustworthy, competent, compassionate, value-driven, and fair-minded persons who will contribute to the improvement of the world.


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