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Indian Institute of Management Bodh Gaya

  • Indian Institute of Management, Prabandh Vihar, Bodh Gaya, Bihar 824234

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Since their establishment following our independence in 1947, the Indian Institutes of Management have served as the model for management education in India. The IIMs are thought of as the most renowned and top business schools in India, emphasising practical experience and critical thinking over memorization and the traditional academic calendar. IIM Bodh Gaya cultivates a culture and curriculum with the sole aim of producing socially responsible managers and emotionally mature leaders, building on the illustrious tradition of the IIM brand. Students have the chance to learn new skills and consider various viewpoints thanks to a dynamic curriculum aligned with academics and industry professionals. IIM Bodh Gaya places an emphasis on practical learning in addition to the traditional classroom setting by having students participate in case studies, discussions with industry experts, live projects, etc. The faculty of the institute has a focus on important research, as evidenced by their credentials and accomplishments, including publications in reputable journals on the ABDC and Scopus lists. IIM Bodh Gaya has quickly improved its standing in business thanks to the participation of its students in some of the nation's most prestigious corporations.
IIM Bodh Gaya recognises the value of exposing its students to contemporary trends and worldwide standards to enhance their learning environment. The institute has collaborated with a number of reputable institutions in France, Venezuela, Russia, Mexico, Italy, and South Korea while discussions are ongoing with many other international universities around the world in order to bring that global exposure and cultural diversity to the campus.
With the ancient institutions of Nalanda and Vikramshila, the eastern region of the nation has long been a preeminent centre of learning where students from throughout the globe gathered to pursue knowledge. Bodh Gaya draws millions of travellers each year as a major Buddhist tourism site. Bodh Gaya is a historic centre of learning and one of the main routes to enlightenment. It is home to the Mahabodhi Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as a number of other noteworthy temples and monasteries. The well-known 80-foot Buddha statue and the 1972-built Indosan Nippon temple, which houses a collection of Japanese art, are both located in Bodh Gaya. In its quest to become The Enlightening IIM, IIM Bodh Gaya continues to draw inspiration from this place of enlightenment.
having a global image as a management school that produces intellectual, socially conscientious business leaders
By implementing cutting-edge techniques in teaching, learning, and research, we hope to enhance academic performance while producing leaders who are socially and economically aware.
Primary Values
Responsiveness: We are prepared and prepared to go. We adhere to high standards of work and honor our agreements.We uphold the highest moral standards and urge others to do the same.
Honesty & Integrity: We uphold the greatest ethical standards in our work and behaviour towards our jobs, the environment, and one another.
Lifelong Learning: We welcome revolutionary change by encouraging one another's development.
When we are attentive, we intentionally keep our attention in the present moment and don't let it wander. Sensations, thoughts, and emotions are simply recognised as "happening" and observed until they eventually pass without being classified as good or bad, pleasurable or painful.
A Force for Good: We take into account the surroundings. Our ideas are real and uncensored. We view business as a potent force that can contribute to the development of an equitable and sustainable global society. As a result, we make an effort to balance monetary, sociological, and ecological factors.
Diversity: We value uniqueness and a variety of perspectives. The minds behind our research are our teachers and students, who are a diverse collection of devoted people.
Collaboration: We create and manufacture things together. We build an intellectual approach through partnership. We build the future and overcome challenges by looking out for one another.

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