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Charnock Health Care Institute

  • Unit 4, CBD, 1, Major Arterial Road(South-East), opp. Eco Park, AA II, Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal 700157

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The Charnock Healthcare Institute is an innovative centre for medical education that will develop skilled manpower at all stages of healthcare delivery. This is the first institution with such a focused mission to educate nursing, paramedical, and administrative professionals under one roof.


The main sponsor for this programme is Charnock Hospital, a tertiary care facility. We are well aware of the complexities and the mismatch between industry demands and educational institutions that produce healthcare professionals because we work in the healthcare sector. After personally witnessing how urgently the healthcare sector requires qualified professionals to close this talent gap, Charnock Healthcare Institute was established.


In Eastern India, the Charnock Healthcare Institute is a pioneering endeavour. The university offers the best campus with the latest facilities in Kolkata's New Town. With a 1,300 student capacity, 21 classrooms outfitted with the latest audio-video technology, and 7 laboratories, the institute is absolutely unmatched in the area. It is a campus with Wi-Fi and central air conditioning.

How are we Different from other academic institutes?

We have one single-minded focus: healthcare. We are a hospital that has entered the educational field. The kinds of workers the healthcare industry needs are known to us. Our goal is to develop a skilled workforce for the healthcare industry. The two most important components are hands-on experiential learning and practical training. In addition to acquiring theory, our students also learn practical skills through internship training. Each course includes a significant amount of hands-on learning and the "Learning by Doing" method. Being a direct unit of Charnock Hospital, it greatly benefits our students when they receive training there.

Why Charnock Healthcare Institute was created?

It was extremely difficult for Charnock Hospital to find qualified medical professionals. We attempted, like other hospitals, to recruit people from different regions of the nation, such as Kerala, the North East, etc. However, obstacles, including language barriers, overseas assignments, poaching, and cultural differences, were constant. So, in order to meet our people's needs, we made the decision to establish our own institute. 
Other hospitals are also experiencing a shortage of skilled employees, sometimes in a much more extreme way. Therefore, we changed our plan for Charnock Healthcare Institute so that it would now provide the best healthcare professionals in all sectors, including nursing, paramedics, and administration, to meet the needs of the whole healthcare industry.

Current Scenario

It is possible to see a 130,000 shortfall in skilled human resources , according to a CII-PWC Skill Gap Study released in Kolkata. An extra 5,000–7,000 certified MBBS/MD doctors, 20,000–30,000 qualified nurses, and more than 60,000 paramedical staff members and allied health professionals will be required in the field of healthcare.


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