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Chandrakant Institute Of Nursing & Health Sciences Sitala (East)

  • SITALA (EAST), JAGADISHPUR, Rajpur Sonarpur, KOLKATA, West Bengal 700150

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The Chandrakant Institute of Nursing and Health Sciences holds the following opinions:

In addition to the educational requirements and personal growth of nursing students, nursing courses should be designed to meet the needs of society in terms of nursing care.

The educational program's main goal is to get the student nurse ready for professional nursing practise in all specialties.

The classes provide the educational foundation required for further nursing education.

The college's faculty accepts responsibility for assisting students in adjusting to changing circumstances and giving them the chance to do so, which helps them grow as individuals, responsible citizens, and skilled practitioners.


A creative, compassionate, and cooperative learning environment is offered by CINHS. The goal is to develop compassionate, skilled nurses who will be leaders in meeting the rising healthcare needs of everyone and in improving the nursing profession. Through the latest instruction, service, and research, faculty and students improve the health of all populations.


The CINHS will be acknowledged as a prominent example of an organisation providing excellence in nursing education to advance high-quality education and promote professionalism with a global perspective. CINHS encourages learning that inspires students to realise their greatest potential at every stage of their lives. CINHS develops skilled, devoted, compassionate, and empowered healthcare professionals who contribute to the development of a healthy family, community, and country. The CINHS supports ground-breaking research that will advance nursing standards and benefit humanity.

In order to improve competence in the nursing profession in general and patient care in particular, it is important to cultivate and strengthen nursing skills. 

To address the widespread national shortage of skilled nurses. 

To display operational and leadership abilities in a clinical or community health context.

Protecting patients' rights while enabling community and individual participation in nursing research projects.

It is to keep a centre for excellence in nursing education with the goal of developing fresh ideas and strategies for the scientific healthcare system.

To give them the chance to obtain employment chances for a better economic position on a national and worldwide level.

Perform nursing research, interpret the results of health-related studies, and use the information in order to use the most up-to-date technologies in the delivery of healthcare.


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