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Calcutta Medical Research Institute School of Nursing

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The Leader's Concern

Late B. M. Birla and his wife, Late Rukmani Devi Birla, were pioneering industrialists and philanthropists who developed and carried out a variety of initiatives aimed at advancing the welfare of humanity as a whole. The Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI) was founded in 1969 as a result of the realisation that advanced medical treatment needed to be provided at a reasonable cost. Being the first hospital in Eastern India to do so, the Institute's Hospital Service programme now emphasises clinical and applied components while including research. Every patient participates in the Institute's research projects.The top doctors, experts, nurses, technicians, and a team of committed administrative staff support the extremely high quality of the facilities.

The School of Nursing was founded by CMRI in 1970. The school is associated with the Indian Nursing Council and recognised by WBNC. Students that graduate from the school are well-positioned in the healthcare sector both domestically and overseas. The school also aids the pupils in fostering their extracurricular talents. The CMRI School of Nursing strives to retain all of its accomplishments and standards within the confines of a strict sense of civic duty to all of mankind.


The late Braj Mohan Birla (1895–1982) was a key contributor to India's economic and technological development. Despite his intense involvement in the industrial world, he founded institutions that have had a considerable impact on important fields including science, education, health, and social welfare. He expected the best performance and quality from everyone. It is fitting that he created the first private hospital in Eastern India. Today, CMRI is a shining example of how to give everyone in society the best possible medical care.

Nursing School

Since its founding in 1970, CMRI School of Nursing has enjoyed seeing countless deserving young women employed in a variety of high-caliber healthcare positions both domestically and overseas. As a division of CMRI, the CMRI School of Nursing is renowned for providing high-quality instruction and has a stellar track record of graduating students in large numbers.

Nursing Education and Its Philosophies

believes in providing patients with professional training, skills, and nonjudgmental, holistic care in accordance with international standards.

believes that academic and extracurricular activities should promote the professional and personal growth of all students.

believes that in order to foster leadership and assertiveness in pupils, adults should serve as mentors and role models.

believes that a feedback and evolution process helps students perform better and prepares them to become successful professionals.

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