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Bidhannagar College

  • City Center, 3rd Ave, EB-2, Sector 1, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700064

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At a Glance


Bidhannagar College began its wonderful journey on June 25, 1984. It is a government institution directly supervised by the West Bengal government's Department of Higher Education. It was initially located in a modest structure at location BF-142 in Salt Lake City. The College has always strived to be a shining example of academic success. Despite formerly being a part of the University of Calcutta, Bidhannagar College has been a part of the recently founded West Bengal State University since 2008. (Barasat, North 24 Parganas). On 7.5 acres of prime land at EB-2, Sector I, Salt Lake, a new building was constructed for the college to alleviate the space constraint of the first location and to ensure uninterrupted development and progress of the college. A vast amount of flora surrounds the three-story structure. There is also a large playground on the campus grounds.A new six-storeyed building is now under construction. The Humanities and Social Science departments, the library, the office, and an auditorium will all be housed there. Right now, it accommodates the department of Geography.The varied educational and extracurricular activities are supported by a calm environment and a vibrant cultural environment. The college will continue to play an important role as the primary educational institution for thousands of students pursuing higher education in the foreseeable future as Greater Kolkata grows. The institution is constantly improving its resources, as well as its academic and extracurricular programmes, for its future students.


The Silver Jubilee of Bidhannagar College was commemorated in 2009–2010 with a variety of events, including academic seminars and cultural activities. Experts in the field of education, including Amlan Dutta and Samar Bagchi, spoke as guests and discussed higher education and environmental awareness. A Silver Jubilee souvenir was published by the college to mark the occasion.


Bidhannagar College has been giving best Honours courses in 10 science subjects and 6 humanities. In 2004, the first Microbiology and Zoology M.Sc. courses were offered. Two new courses were added in 2013–2014: a 3 year B.Sc. in Geography (Honors) degree and a 2 year M.Sc. in Chemistry course. A number of educators have taken a proactive role in supporting or managing research efforts.


On the advice of the FIST Advisory Board, Bidhannagar College received funding support from the Department of Science and Technology in 2012. (FISTAB). This included money for books, the setup of a computer lab, one e-learning room, and equipment for teaching and research in the science departments.Since 2013–2014, a variety of financial aid programmes have been helping deserving students, including 30 TARGET Charity Stipends of Rs. 500.00 per head and D.P.I.'s Free-Studentship and Half-Free Studentship, Book Grant from Students' Aid Fund, and Free-Studentship and Half-Free Studentship from D.P.I.


Recently, three further significant events occurred that directly benefited our students. A basic computer course, offered by NIELT (National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, under the Ministry of Communications and IT and the Department of IT, Government of India), is required of all first-year students and costs only Rs. 500. For the duration of the first year, it will continue, and NIELT will give "Course Completion Certificates" to each and every student. Such nationally recognised certificates are issued by NIELT on the basis of an online test taken by the students at a nominal fee of Rs. 225.00 only.For candidates for the UGC-NET Examination, classes have been offered at colleges since April 2013. The University Grants Commission has funded these classes so that they are free for the students to attend.


Bidhannagar College is a facility that looks out for the interests of the students, providing a bright future for each of them in the face of such a variety of development plans.A student has to take up an honours subject for 800 marks and two General subjects for 300 marks each, one of which must be of necessity a non-language subject. All students are required to do Environmental Studies.The college's affiliated university has granted it course-specific academic autonomy for the M.Sc. courses in Microbiology and Zoology. From the 2013–2014 academic year, an M.Sc. course in chemistry has been added to these. The Department of Zoology has been running a postgraduate programme through the Netaji Subhas Open University's "open education" system since 2007.


The vision is to guarantee a future that is bright, free, and without prejudice, built upon a foundation of multi-level self-assurance and intelligence. All of its stakeholders are to have a secure future, which includes the following:

overall improvement in education and learning in the best of ways.

Providing the most important information and knowledge to the brightest minds, as well as instilling a sense of responsibility to make the best use of the knowledge received

Ensuring freedom from biases, obsessions, and predilections related to gender.

Developing a culture of leadership that will assure future acceptance of social and intellectual responsibility.


As a result, the College's aim is to do everything possible to achieve the dream. The fundamentals are absolutely necessary: system development, which ensures all necessary and desirable advancements.

Achieving the right social, moral, academic, and intellectual atmosphere ensures discipline since it flows naturally from the inside.

A sense of moral and social responsibility can be developed through value education, particularly through a variety of awareness programmes.


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