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Apollo Gleneagles College of Nursing

  • Narayanpur, Gopalpur I, Kolkata, West Bengal 700136

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Welcome to Apollo Gleneagles Nursing College. We make sure your experience with us is fruitful and satisfying. As the years passed, we defined excellence in healthcare, invented new medical methods and technology, and set benchmarks at every point of contact in the medical value chain. Our objective was to provide great healthcare to India, bringing it closer to every person in need. The urgent need for Apollo Gleneagles Nursing College is to fill the nursing shortages in India.

Presently, the Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata group is recognised as a leader in several medical specialisations measured by clinical outcome, making it a prominent institution in the world of healthcare. As Asia's top integrated healthcare provider, Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals in Kolkata has earned the respect of more than 37 million patients who visited us from 120 different countries.

The constant support and inspiration of well-wishers like you has been a constant in our healing process. You have assisted us in overcoming challenges and creating new paths. We appreciate your faith in us.

Looking ahead, we are committed to making India the top destination for global healthcare and to ensuring that all of its citizens have a brighter and healthier future.


You will be allocated a personal mentor who is responsible for making sure you stay on track and meet your primary learning goals. One of the key ways your mentor will achieve this is by keeping an eye on your development through sessions and regular assessments.

Additionally, it is expected that you will take advantage of the chance to participate in a wide selection of enrichment activities that are extremely varied in character while you are a student at Apollo Gleneagles Nursing College. Participation in excursions, visits, or volunteer or charitable activities are all examples of this. We place a lot of emphasis on these kinds of activities since past experience has shown us that they not only help students grow as individuals but also improve prospects for employment and higher education. Finally, we sincerely hope that you enjoy your time with us, make new friends, and learn more about the college in general.




3rd Floor, Taranga Plaza, 883/25 Jessore Road, Bangur
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