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ABS Academy

  • Jadabendra Panja Avenue (near Majer More) Sagarbhanga Durgapur - 713 211 Dist. Burdwan West Bengal, India

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A group of educators founded ABS Academy as a division of "Sarthak Educational Trust" with the goal of fostering an educational system that improves education quality through ongoing experiment reconfiguration.

Education is the external manifestation of the perfection that exists in men already. Swami Vivekananda

Given the sporadic upgrading of management and knowledge abilities, the corporate environment of today is filled with challenges. In this case, this school is creating the framework for a knowledge hub that will convert students' academic backgrounds into an industry perspective. They are supported in picking an acceptable career for future success by necessary information and managerial abilities.

More than three-fourths of all MBA graduates in India each year aren't considered employable by top-tier businesses or industry-ready, according to studies. We consequently pay attention to the students' overall development as well as their area of specialisation. A student can, in our opinion, be moulded into a professional who is prepared for the workforce.

Through the exchange of professional knowledge, industry visits, and the organisation of suitable industrial training, we hope to strengthen the students' analytical abilities and thinking processes.

This educational temple is constructed with cutting-edge planned infrastructure, a fully equipped library, a group of business experts, proficient instructors, and a dedicated staff. 

As the chairman of the school, I appreciate the tireless efforts of every staff member to foster a prestigious academic environment, and I eagerly anticipate seeing my beloved pupils turn this establishment into a household name in the field of education.

I hope the best for you.


Mr. S. N. Chakraborty




The purpose of ABS Academy is to provide an environment for learning where students can benefit from the current demand for human resources in the international market. through project workshops with a nearby industrial house and business leaders' seminars, to promote industry contact.


Our goal at ABS Academy is to increase both learning and practical abilities while preparing students for the global environment.

In order to create software and management modules for the industry, research and development must continue.

Establishing a Knowledge Management Training and Employment Cell that meets industrial needs

Helping and assisting society's economically disadvantaged populations.



To one day become a centre of excellence for management and computer education, research, and consulting.

Within the next five years, it will rank among the best business schools in India.


giving the pupils experience with administrative and computer applications.


offering short-term executive training packages for local industries.


Academic courses, extracurricular activities, co-curricular activities, and interpersonal interactions must all be integrated in order to support intellectual development for social and economic transformation.

To launch active projects and consultancy engagements.

Transparency in the creation, administration, and assessment of academic programmes.

To foster entrepreneurship among students and to strengthen their entrepreneurial abilities.

Developing strong relationships between students and teachers is essential for fostering a feeling of community throughout the learning process.


We should put more emphasis on applying knowledge, as opposed to acquiring knowledge for its own sake.


By establishing a thorough learning environment, educators may help budding young talents develop into whole individuals with increased mental, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health.


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