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Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

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Summer Placements

After their first year, students who are enrolled in the Post-Graduate Programme (PGP) have the opportunity to intern for 8–10 weeks with the organisation of their choice during the summer. Through several opportunities to create and test out concepts and methods learned in the first year, the internship programme aids students in gaining first-hand experience in a particular field. Additionally, it aids them in choosing their area of concentration in the second year and in being more open to market demands.

Student interns create a report on the summer assignment and submit it to the organisation as part of the academic component of the summer internship. Before enrolling for the second year, individuals must also share their knowledge with the Institute. This exercise is given the necessary rigour and discipline thanks to the obligation of giving a formal presentation regarding the idea to the firm and the Institute.

The Institute has benefited greatly from corporate support for summer interns, which has led to projects that are varied, difficult, and intense learning opportunities. A growing number of multinational corporations have partnered with the Institute after realising the importance of this practise. Additionally, each organisation has the opportunity to thoroughly assess the interns in a real-world setting before making pre-placement offers. A number of companies have used these internships as a primary source for full-time employment.

Final Placements 

Last placements take place in the graduating year's final term. The best businesses from India and around the world frequently come to the school to recruit top personnel. The Institute's alumni enable businesses that choose to hire students from our campus develop a sustained competitive edge since they have attained significant positions in leading corporations around the world. The Institute's graduates have enjoyed a robust market over the years since recently hired employees continue to fulfil their commitments. The choice of different profiles made by IIMA students during the Final Placements last year was a reflection of the fact that the average amount of work experience has been increasing with each batch.

IIMA has made the decision to switch to a cohort-based approach from a day-based one. The improved student-recruiter fit is the declared goal of the new system's design. With the procedure and other other design modifications, recruiters can assess students over a longer period of time while allowing them more time to explore their career alternatives.

Lateral Placements 

Students with significant work experience are given lateral postings for a long period of time in the last term by companies that provide positions above entry-level ones.

Encouraging Entrepreneurship

IIMA also exhorts its pupils to pursue entrepreneurship as a profession. The types of electives available in the second year and the support given to aspiring entrepreneurs both reflect this. Several startups are housed in an internal incubation centre. Students currently have access to a two-year entre leave to test out their ideas. If there is bad weather, they can use the "Placement Holiday" programme to return and take part in the Institute assignments.





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