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The benefits of Gaming
Common positive effects of video games include:
  • Improvements in reasoning and problem-solving ability, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive abilities
  • Better ability to multitask
  • More rapid and precise decision-making
  • Improved pro - social behaviour
Common Negative Effects of Video Games Include:

• Poor sleeping habits.
• Physical deterioration
• Exhaustion.
• Dehydration.
• Heart conditions and obesity.
• Aggression.

The Impact of Gaming On Mental Health
The concept that gaming is bad for your mental health is surely something your parents or teachers have repeated to you a lot. We've busted a few gaming myths already, but this one is very significant.


The capacity to use online entertainment to battle feelings of loneliness is a common application. You might have noticed that during the pandemic you spent more time online than you normally would talking to and hanging out with friends who you would have otherwise seen at school. It certainly appears to be a method of reducing feelings of loneliness and increasing overall pleasure.


During the epidemic, we all had to spend a lot more time at home than usual.  Without the ability to visit friends in the park, at school, at work, or in our homes, there weren't many places where you could hang out with friends. Essentially, the only options were games or a zoom quiz. Therefore, it should not be surprising that playing online games enhances our social abilities.



Every game you play has a goal, which motivates you to succeed. Whether it's a single race or battle or a component of a longer plot line, there will be a variety of alternatives inside a game to explore.


Therefore, you may definitely use a few advantages for your mental health to back your stance the next time one of your parents tells you to quit playing video games. However, the possibility of obtaining too much of a good thing exists. No matter if you see gaming as a casual activity you occasionally partake in or a serious hobby, keep in mind that when the excitement ceases, take a break from it.


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